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About Brush Dance

Since 1989, we have been combining the work of independent artists and photographers with the wisdom of teachers, poets, and other writers to create mindful calendar products.

Embrace Joy
Inspire Hope
Cultivate Love
Build Intimacy
Celebrate Life

Mindful Living * Mindful Days

Brush Dance Cares

Environmentally-Responsible Practices
We do so many things as a company to reduce our footprint. Of course, we all use recycling bins in our offices and we buy supplies in bulk to reduce the amount of shipping, but that's just the beginning. We haven't received a paper fax since 2009, for example. We're mindful about printing emails and other documents. But the biggest impact we’re making is allowing our employees to work from home full-time. Working from home has proven to be such a good thing for our employees, their families, and our business that we can’t ever see going back to an office. Imagine the environmental impact if all companies were able to do this?

Respect for our Planet
Our wall and mini calendars are printed on FSC paper. The Forest Stewardship Council has become a major force in responsible forest management. They work tirelessly to define environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial, and economically viable solutions for positive, lasting change. You can read more about the efforts of FSC on their website.

We Care About our Community
Over the years, we have responded to hundreds (perhaps thousands) of requests for help. We regularly donate supplies of our beautiful products to worthy causes and while we cannot always say yes, we step up as much as we can. Here's a listing of just some of the places we've helped recently:

Ovarian Cancer Research Fund
Sarcoma Alliance