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Customer Service

Thank you very much for shopping with Brush Dance. We're proud of the relationship that we develop with our customers and want to hear from you. We receive so many wonderful letters telling us how our items have influenced lives – we appreciate every one of the people behind those letters and we love hearing from you.

Contact Us
If you have any questions about our items or about your order, the best way to reach us is via e-mail at or by phone at 415-491-4950 during normal business hours.

A real person reads your email during normal business days and will usually respond within just a few hours – unless you're a night owl. Give us as much detail as possible in your email so we can help you quickly and accurately the first time around.

See Shipping Policies

Canceling an Order
If you'd like to cancel an order that you just placed (or placed in the middle of the night or over a weekend), email us at right away so we can cancel it. We'll do everything we can to stop the order from processing, but orders that are already in the shipping department of our warehouse cannot be canceled.


Unfortunately, we don’t accept returns. Of course, if there’s a manufacturer’s defect, we’ll do everything we can to make it right, but you must contact us within 3 days of receiving your order.


International Orders 
We love our friends all over the world – we really do. That's why we hate that we can't ship or bill orders outside of the US. In most cases, the shipping expense doesn't make good sense for our customers, the shipping time is long, customs fees are sometimes higher than the cost of the product, tracking isn't always accurate, packages get lost, etc., etc., etc. The whole thing has us very upset because we love our friends all over the world, but we won't settle for less-than-perfect service. We'll keep looking at our options for shipping outside of the US and when we find the perfect solution, we'll shout it from the rooftops – or at least publish it on Facebook. (You've joined us on Facebook, right?)

Privacy Policy & Security
We're serious about this stuff – we know that you've trusted us with your personal information and we have a responsibility to keep it private. Brush Dance will never ever sell, rent, or give your personal information (including but not limited to your name, address, phone number, and email address) to other companies. The information we collect from you is used to provide you with an excellent shopping experience on the Brush Dance website. When you place your order with us or update your account information, these things are always done over a secure and fully encrypted server environment (SSL).

How We Use Your Information
We mostly use the information you give us to process your orders and give you the ability to track those orders. We sometimes use your purchase history to recommend related items and we sometimes use your email address to let you know about special offers we may have. You can always, always opt-out of email from us – except email with order confirmations, that would be silly.