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  • Field Notes Memo Books - Expedition, Dot
  • Field Notes Memo Books - Expedition, Dot

Field Notes LIMITED EDITION Memo Books - Expedition, Dot


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Field Notes Expedition edition could go down as their most innovative yet and it's all because of three words - WATER PROOF PAPER.  Yes, you read that right - water-proof paper.  It's also tear-proof paper, but really, water-proof?! How cool is that! The whole book is printed on Yupo Synthetic paper, an amazing water- and tear-proof paper extruded from polypropylene pellets in Chesapeake, Virginia. i can think of a few camping trips and beach outings where i could have used something like this. Where would you use it? 

Field Notes Memo Books have a bit of a cult following and with good reason - high-quality paper, flexible and durable covers, designed and made in the USA, and loaded with details inside and out.  Please be sure to watch our videos to get a closer look inside these wonderful books.


Details and Dimensions:

Pack of 3 Memo Books

Memo book dimensions are 3-1/2" × 5-1/2" (89mm × 140mm)

Dot-graph grid: 3/16" × 3/16" (4.7mm × 4.7mm).

Cover: Yupo tear-resistant synthetic 74#C “Bright White,” with thick, brute force applications of “Polar Circle Gray” and “Hi-Visibility Orange” soy-based Superior inks, coated with a clear protective varnish.

Pages: 48 pages, Yupo tear-resistant synthetic 57#T “White,” with a fine, 1-color application of “Cartographer’s Gray” soy-based Superior ink.

Field Notes uses only the Futura typeface family in its materials.

All Field Notes memo books are printed and manufactured in the U.S.A. This edition is proudly printed by the good people of Stromberg Allen & Company, Tinley Park, Ill.

Note: Synthetic paper is nonporous and doesn’t absorb ink like our conventional papers. Ballpoint pens, pencils, or fine tip Sharpies work best.

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