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Moments 12" Wall Calendar - 2018

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Product Description

Take time to enjoy all of the richness that life has to offer. Let each month serve as a reminder of those special moments shared with loved ones and as a promise of more to come.

Monthly Quotes:

January: A watched clock never tells the time. - Anonymous
February: Time is love, above all else. It is the most precious commodity in the world and should be lavished on those we care most about. - Sydney J. Harris
March: An inch of time is an inch of gold: treasure it. Appreciate its fleeting nature; misplaced gold is easily found, misspent time is lost forever. - Loy Ching-Yuen
April: Our hours in love have wings. - Colley Cibber
May: Employ thy time well, and since thou art not sure of a minute, throw not away an hour. - Benjamin Franklin
June: I am not afraid of tomorrow, for I have seen yesterday and I love today. - William Allen White
July: There is a critical minute for all things. - Horace
August: The two most powerful warriors are patience and time. - Leo Tolstoy
September: The future belongs to those who live intensely in the present. - Anonymous
October: All our yesterdays are summarized in our now, and all the tomorrows are ours to shape. - Hal Borland
November: When time is spent, eternity begins. - Helen Hunt Jackson
December: It is better to begin in the evening than not at all. - Anonymous

Details and Dimensions:

12" x 12"
Durable cover and punch hole
Quotes on each page
Full color art
Printed on high-quality FSC-certified paper. The FSC Mix label ensures that the timber used to produce the paper is from a mixture of reclaimed timber or fiber, FSC-certified forests and/or controlled wood.

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